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"DON'T push this button!" 2CD Digipack

"DON'T push this button!" 2CD Digipack

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Incl. 16-page Booklet

With his new album, “DON’T push this button!”, Sven Friedrich explores new paths at several levels. On one hand, the musician from Berlin has parted ways with his previous label to release SOLAR FAKE from now on under his own label “Pointless Music”. Of course, the name of the label, just as the band name, contains a good dose of sarcasm. 

On the other hand, SOLAR FAKE break fresh ground in the musical realm as well by releasing the album in three different versions. The main album contains 10 new songs that make not only the fans’ hearts sing. Heavy beats blend with great melodies and few quiet moments, and stylistically Sven remains true to himself while also incorporating new influences. His lyrics are as sharp as ever and, together with the music, form a new peak of Sven Friedrich’s craft.  

Instead of filling the double album with remixes as in past releases, under the subtitle “Amplified” Sven has translated 7 of the songs to an indie-rock style and recorded them with his fellow musicians André Feller and Jens Halbauer. Also, 3 extra songs in this style will be added.

And as with the last albums, there will be a limited fan box including another CD (“Silenced”) with 7 piano versions of the album tracks. For this, Sven relies on proven methods once more enlisting the help of a friend, pianist Dirk Riegner (among others, Peter Heppner Band, Schattenherz), for arrangements and piano recordings.

Regarding the album title, Sven says, “It’s a play on the typically human behavior of doing something you know you shouldn’t do. Even if there’s a big sign telling you not to do it, you still do it. We see this in many aspects of our lives, and it leads to tremendous destruction …”

01.Hurts so bad
02. Not so important
03. Disagree
04. This generation ends
05. You keep breathing
06. Nothing’s wrong
07. It’s never been you
08. I won’t let you go
09. No good time
10. Lost

01. Hurts so bad (amplified version)
02. Disagree (amplified version)
03. Not so important (amplified version)
04. You keep breathing (amplified version)
05. Other plans (amplified version)
06. This generation ends (amplified version)
07. Waiting for the day (amplified version)
08. No good time (amplified version)
09. Not the one (amplified version)
10 Lost (amplified version)


Album: DON‘T push this button!
Release: May 24, 2024
Label: Pointless Music
Distribution: AL!VE Media
Genres: Synth-pop, synth-wave, synth-punk, industrial, indie-pop, electro-pop

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